Lorelle offers two distinct services, each featuring her unique, effective and empathic interview process. Read more about her work with patients at her clinic page, www.thesaxenaclinic.com.

Acupuncture Session at the Saxena Clinic

A visit to Lorelle may be different from any medical appointment you've had in the past. Each 90-minute appointment includes a detailed and comprehensive interview conducted from an empathic and interested perspective. This interview is really the most important part of the appointment, as your acupuncture treatment depends largely on the information shared here. After your appointment, you'll get an email with the recommendations we discussed, so don't worry about trying to remember it all. We'll talk about:

  • the health challenges that you're facing today
  • what you eat, and you'll get tailored suggestions on food therapies traditional to Eastern nutrition theory (these therapies are usually very tasty and easily incorporated into your typical daily meals)
  • whether Chinese herbal remedies are appropriate for you at this time, and if they are, you'll get a prescription at an excellent local Chinese herbal pharmacy which can be picked up or mailed to you
  • how you exercise, and how you feel about it
  • whether you sleep well, and techniques to help you get quality rest
  • your digestion, your skin, your emotions, your job, all kinds of things that may seem a little irrelevant, but in fact help to direct me to a precise traditional Chinese medical diagnosis. The more questions I ask you, the more precise your diagnosis, the more precise your diagnosis, the more effective your treatment--and the more effective your treatment, the sooner you'll get better. 

The interview is followed by checking your pulse and examining your tongue, both important diagnostic indicators in traditional Chinese medicine. Then we begin the acupuncture treatment, in which hair-thin needles are gently inserted in specific points on the body. The needles remain in the body for about 30 minutes, after which they are removed and disposed of safely.

But wait. Does it hurt?

Typically, patients of mine report either that the needle insertion is painless or that they feel a momentary pinprick followed by a pleasant sensation of heaviness. If a needle is more uncomfortable than that, I encourage patients to tell me about it--I can adjust the needle and the discomfort should fade.  It's important that you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible during your treatment. Most  patients fall asleep on the table, and tell me they've had a deep and refreshing nap when I come back to remove their needles.

You'll want to schedule 90 minutes for your acupuncture session. 


Detailed consult only

At the Saxena Clinic, on your computer, or on your phone.


This is the interview described above, without the acupuncture afterwards. You'll still get all the Eastern nutritional therapeutic suggestions, the lifestyle recommendations, the herbal prescription if appropriate, the traditional Chinese medical diagnosis, and the email summarizing our discussion--just no needles. Ideal for people who'd like a detailed examination of a particular health challenge, a fresh eye on a recurring issue, or a different set of solutions than the ones they have now but who don't live near Santa Rosa. Also ideal for serious needlephobes.   

You'll want to schedule about 30-45 minutes for this interview.